Be Healthier This Winter, With A Massage!

Even though we are nearing the end of January (hooray!), the post- Christmas blues can still be lurking. With with such wet weather, and dark afternoons, it can be hard to stay positive and healthy. However, an invigorating massage can really help with battling the brain fog, lethargy, and those down-in-the-dumps moods – all the things we experience while the weather is still miserable and cold.

Reduce Stress

Massage isn’t only just good for the body, it is also great for the mind, too. A relaxing massage can lower your stress levels and reduce the amount of cortisol in your body.
A little bit of cortisol is ok for the body, but too much can lead to ailments like headaches and sleepless nights. This can sometimes lead to a vicious circle, leaving you to feel even more stressed!
Higher levels of cortisol can also affect your ability to digest food and can also lead to weight gain – not really what you want when you are trying to lose those pounds after those Christmas feasts!


Maximize Your Immune System

When we think of winter, we always think of cold and flu bugs as well, right? Well, a frequent massage can help tackle these problems, by increasing the strength of your immune system. Again, cortisol, that pesky stress hormone is to blame again, as high levels can reduce the effectiveness of the immune system. Ever wonder why you get ill after a big test, or after putting in a lot of extra effort in at the office? By managing your cortisol levels, by having frequent massages, you can help your body fight off any viruses or bacteria that you really don’t want!


Increase Your Circulation

And lastly, if those reasons aren’t good enough of an excuse to fit in a regular massage into your routine, massage can also promote the circulation of blood around the body. No more feeling as if your fingers and toes aren’t even there, a massage can help get the blood moving to all the places it is supposed to be going. Keep those fingers and toes toasty warm!

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