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  1. We Are Now Open For Business!

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    The Massage and Glow team are so excited to be getting back to work, but even more excited to see all our lovely customers again!
    As you may have guessed, we are currently working tirelessly to get everything working perfectly. We have followed the government guidelines to safely re-open our business so that our staff and customers can work together to ensure that we are all as safe as possible.
    We will be returning to our Soar premises in the very near future!

    Risk Assessment

    We have completed a risk assessment for the business. In this, and with adherence with Government Guidelines, we can only offer a limited amount of treatments at this time. These treatments include massages, reflexology (hands and feet) reiki, and facials.
    We also have some new and exciting treatments all set and ready to go for when the guidelines state that we can do so. We are all looking forward to them!



    We will be setting up an online appointment form via our Facebook page. This means that all our fabulous customers can book in for their massage, without having to come into Inospace to book an appointment. We will post on our Facebook when we are all set up and good to go!

    If you are due for an appointment, but you are showing symptoms of COVID-19, then please cancel your appointment, so that we can keep everyone safe. We would be delighted to see you once you have isolated for the recommended 7 days, and symptom-free.


    Our Staff    


    All staff will be wearing PPE in the form of clear visors when giving treatments. We want to make sure that everyone stays safe!

    Our onsite massage chairs will also be positioned as far away from each other as possible, with staff working side by side, or back to back, to minimalize contact between all people within the vicinity.

    Only staff that are essential to the workplace will be at Inospace at any time so that we can minimise risk.

    Any staff member who develops COVID-19 symptoms will immediately self- isolate.
    If a staff member tests positive for COVID-19, then any customers that have had a treatment with that member of staff in the last 7 days will be notified.


    At Inospace


    Our appointment times will be staggered, so that our customers have as little amount of contact with each other as possible, and that our customers can feel as comfortable as relaxed as possible when having their treatments.

    In the event of a staff member testing positive for COVID-19, the entire space, including any equipment we use for treatments, will be thoroughly cleaned with anti-viral cleaning solutions, before reopening to our lovely customers.

    All staff will remain two meters apart from each other whenever possible, as well as remaining two meters apart from customers whenever possible. We want you to all feel as safe as possible!

    As usual, all staff will be sanitising their hands between clients. We will also be providing hand sanitiser stations for our clients, if you wish to use them, just to give our customers that extra little bit of peace of mind.


    See you all soon!

    As things slowly progress forward regarding Government Guidelines, all our staff, as well as all our customers, will be updated as soon as possible with all our amended procedures.

    Our staff have all taken a COVID-19 safety awareness course and are all determined to make Massage and Glow as safe as possible, but as friendly, enjoyable, and relaxing as it was before COVID-19.

    We want to take this time to tell our customers that we respect all their safety choices when they come for an appointment. If you wish to wear any PPE for your appointment, then please do not hesitate to. Please also feel free to ask any questions about our new health and safety regulations.  We are committed to making all our customers feel as comfortable and safe as possible.

    Thank you all! We can’t wait to see you! We are all so excited to get back to work, and to give treatments to all our wonderful customers again!